Puberty and Adolescence

Contemporary Experience of Puberty and Adolescence among St Lawrence Island Yupik Youth. Today, boys and girls experience puberty and adolescence much as other teenagers in the United States. Theirs is a world of clothing, dates, school dances, and worries about diet. This is likely to be a time when young people reject traditional Eskimo foods and no longer don "traditional" Eskimo clothing such as the brightly colored gingham parka covers that older women in the community sew and wear. Pizza, soda pop, and chips figure prominently in the diets of St Lawrence Island teenagers. Staying up all night to listen to the latest teen rock, rap, or hip-hop singer is common, as is viewing videos starring the latest movie or television idol. During the period 2000-2002, teenagers were swept up in hair fashions. Teenaged boys and girls peroxided their naturally dark brown or black hair with stripes of red, blond, or even blue or green color, much to the dismay of their parents and grandparents.

Experience of Puberty and Adolescence among St Lawrence Island Yupik Youth in the Early to Middle 1900s. Adults who entered adolescence through the 1940s had a different kind of experience. At that time it was common for a girl entering her teens to begin the tattooing on her face, hands, arms, and even breasts that would mark her as a young adult. Only a few women in their eighties and nineties were still alive in

2002 who could show these tattoo patterns on their bodies. Boys, who would have commenced boat hunting with their male relatives by the time they reached their teens, or perhaps even have participated in a funeral, were tattooed at their joints and on the corners of their mouths. Girls and boys would have been promised in marriage even before they entered puberty, a pattern that continued into the 1940s and 1950s. Girls were often married at a very young age, in their early teens, and their behavior was carefully monitored until they actually married. Boys were more likely to be married in their twenties. Once young people reached their teens, they began to take part in courting games that took place on the beach in spring. Ball games, played between boys and girls, were especially popular. These games could only begin after the community took its first whale of the season and after all major tasks involved in honoring the whales had been completed by each patriclan unit. Courting and subsistence were connected in this way.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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