Puberty and Adolescence

Owing to the earlier onset of puberty (compared with the parents' generation) many parents see their children still as "little ones" when in fact they are adolescents. The blurring of the differences in the behavior of young age groups under the influence of media is the most significant trend in German society. Peers are more important than the family when it comes to dealing with the specific changes of puberty. A remarkable development is that it has become more acceptable for girls to be more aggressive, while boys are expected to be less so. Although the so-called "girlie" (young woman behaving and dressing in a "self-assured" "girls just wanna have fun" manner) was a short fad, and positively judged as "postfeminist", at the end of the 20th century, self-assertive behavior has survived to a certain degree. Pubescent boys feel insecure and sometimes dominated by girls, partly because girls of their own age tend to prefer to date older boys. The gap between boy and girl becomes wider during "teenage" years (an English term also used in German). While girls do better in the social environment of school, boys develop an inferiority complex. A few rebel and revenge by developing a "macho" habitus (Nickel, 1992). Interestingly, some apparent "natural" sex differences disappeared over time in the German Democratic Republic. For example, while mathematics was despised by girls in the 1960s, over the next 20 years mathematics became their favorite subject, as it had been previously only for boys. This change also showed in the good achievements of girls in mathematics, as well as in other intelligence and creativity tests (Starke, 1992). At this age, both genders stress love as the reason for becoming sexually active; both share a view of relationship based on partnership. There is now little difference between the genders regarding the start of sexual activity or number of intimate partners; however, female university students seem to have rather more partners and earlier sexual activity than boys (Dekker, 1999). Only the Scandinavians among postindustrialized nations show a similar pattern.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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