Puberty and Adolescence

The Glebo have no formal initiation rites into adulthood, although one has been reported for men entering the warrior age grade among the neighboring Sabo

(McEvoy, 1971, p. 181). In contrast with the Mande-speaking peoples to their north, none of the Kwa-speaking groups practice genital cutting as a mark of initiation into adulthood. There is little formal emphasis on virginity for either males or females. A text contained in Innes's grammatical description of the Glebo language, contributed by an informant in London, describes the "sweetness" of youthful sexual experimentation: "love-making does not wait for maturity and old age, hence children make love, just as adults do" (Innes, 1966, p. 132).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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