Puberty and Adolescence

This is a period where in the past boys enjoyed relative freedom in relation to girls. Girls, it is said "were locked up in their houses" in the old days on Kalymnos to protect their reputation. In the past a larger number of boys than girls attended school into adolescence, and those who did not attend school (boys and girls) were apprenticed to their mothers and fathers in various occupations (i.e., care of animals, running a store). Now almost all children attend school at least through 9th grade, and many strictures on girls' movements have been lifted, as unmarried boys and girls go to Athens or further abroad to pursue their education. One 18-year-old who had moved to Athens on her own at age 16 to study at a beauty school told me that she had won out over her father's hesitations. Although her parents had heard comments from neighbors about allowing their daughter to go to Athens on her own, such things were occurring much more frequently now, so had none of the air of scandal that they might have in the past.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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