Puberty and Adolescence

Older children, to repeat, begin to manifest gendered patterns of play, games, and leisure. They increasingly model their behavior after adults. At puberty, boys and girls form sex-segregated groups. Today, these groups freely roam the village, often to the annoyance of adults who complain about the erosion of traditional authority and public behavior. These complaints typically mention the sexual licentiousness of young men and women.

Gendered socialization becomes increasingly important with age, especially for boys who, as children, spent most of their time with other youths and women. Adolescents are more self-conscious in their gender identification. Girls continue to assume regular household chores and obligations. Boys, too, begin to participate in the affairs of adult men, especially in regard to ritual. But while girls in their early teens are capable of performing nearly all female tasks, boys do not become fully competent males until their late teens (Weiss, 1990, p. 339).

With the exception of male initiation, which I discuss in the next section, there is general continuity in socialization around puberty.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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