Relative Status of Men and Women

In Samoa, status is associated with titles and genealogies. In more stratified Polynesian chiefdoms, genealogy determines status; in Samoa, titles determine status, but genealogy legitimates title claims. Males are more likely to hold titles, but a chief's sister, in theory, has more mana and thus status than the chief himself. His wife holds a status similar to but less than his. Missionaries believed raising the status of women as wives to be an instrumental part of instituting a Christian form of marriage. Inadvertently, missionaries also helped to raise the status of the sister. By stressing the importance of virginity and formal weddings for all girls, missionaries implied that all girls were high status. This rise in female status in Christian times was accompanied by a decline in women's ability to negotiate/improve their status through hypergamous begetting; missionaries also imported the idea that parentage counted only when sanctioned by church and state. Today, education is an important factor for improving and negotiating status for both sexes.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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