Relative Status of Men and Women

Family interests weigh heavily in the lives of all adults, and men and women are both influential in arriving at decisions regarding their domestic economy, their household's role in their community and in relation to specific other households, and their public face in religious and civic activities, as well as in training their children in the nuances of all these matters. A married man may be the official head of household, but his wife (who holds property in her own right) has enormous power within the family and the two are partners in family management. This includes influence over the formal and informal education of their children and the passage of judgment on their prospective spouses. Adults of both sexes are generally respected by their children; duty to the family and respect for its interests are values heavily impressed upon the young. Outside the household, age and social status engender deference for men and women alike. Family reputation and illustrious achievements heighten deference where these are known, and men's achievements are often more publicly known than women's.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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