Relative Status of Men and Women

Men and women in Kyrgyz society have differential authority, rights, and privileges. As mentioned above, the nomadic traditions and the sovietization of the Kyrgyz contributed to the relative egalitarian status between the sexes, especially when compared with other Central Asian groups. Nevertheless, overall men have more status in Kyrgyz society, both formally and informally, except for the domestic concerns, where women are given much more control in decision-making. Men and women are both able to inherit land, but in most instances it goes to a male child of the woman. Kyrgyz women work outside the home and, in these instances, are often in control of the income they make. Studies have shown that most of women's income goes to support the household. As women grow older, and become mothers-in-law, their status increases. It is usually the young daughter-in-law (kelin) who has the lowest status in a household. She is expected to do whatever her husband and his mother and father tell her to do. In some instances, domestic violence is not perpetrated by the husband against his wife, but by the mother-in-law physically abusing the young kelin.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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