For the Waorani, sex was a normal, natural, and healthy experience. Because the Waorani had no contraceptive methods except abstinence, intercourse, especially for women, was inevitably related to reproduction. Older women tell stories of being reluctant to marry and initiate a sexual relationship, but this was told more in the spirit of reluctance to take on adult responsibilities than for modesty or fear of sex. Both males and females were expected to have active sex lives, and premarital and extramarital sexual relationships with ki were expected and accepted for both sexes. Modesty about the body was not required for either males or females. Sexuality was rather freely expressed among persons in appropriate ki relationships. Both genders could have sex with partners of the same gender if they wanted to. Exclusive homosexuality seems to have been rare, and there are no reports of long-term same-sex relationships. There are stories about women who hunted like men and did not bear children. Nevertheless, such women were married to men who frequently had another spouse as well. Most Waorani were married, regardless of their personal sexual preferences. The Waorani were and continue to be very tolerant regarding the sexual lives of individuals.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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