Confinement of young women was an important means for parents to regulate their daughters' sexuality in traditional Chinese society. Virginity was very much associated with a young woman's marriageability. Adolescent girls were strictly forbidden to mix with the opposite sex, but no such restriction was applied to adolescent men. While married women were also required to stay close to home, their husbands could enjoy greater freedom of movement. Concubinage was an accepted practice in China until 1950. However, to avoid disapproving gossip, a married woman would not want to form any friendship with men outside her own family.

Immigrant parents were concerned about protecting their daughters' virginity. However, maintaining control over their daughters' comings and goings was difficult in the United States. Strict parents were only confronted with stronger resistance from their daughters. Once in college, young Chinese Americans were free from parental supervision. Influenced by their peers and American culture, they rejected traditional moral standards on women's sexuality.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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