Sexuality is not openly discussed. In describing an ideal marriage partner, both men and women mention personality rather than physical traits. Despite this apparent prudishness, sexual relations are a normal part of life and not shameful or polluting. Children engage in sex play and adolescents seek sexual opportunities, especially during fiestas when their parents are less vigilant. Adolescent and young adult women and men may exercise moderate sexual freedom without the dire consequences that a middle-class town dweller might face. A young woman is said to have "found her husband" when she is suspected by her friends of having a sexual encounter, but she is not required by society to marry this partner if their marriage process does not proceed successfully. The marriage ceremony is often an acknowledgment of the couple's already established relationship, rather than its beginning.

Rural people are very modest, never totally undressing, even when changing clothes or bathing. Modesty extends to bodily functions which are done at a distance from the house. However, personal modesty is not an issue when it comes to women's breasts. Women nurse their babies and toddlers on demand in a no-nonsense manner wherever they happen to be.

Mending The Marriage

Mending The Marriage

Patch The Holes Of Your Marriage And Experience The Feeling Of New Love. Marriage is the most delicate and in most of the cases most important relationship known in this world. Our life has become very rigid and busy and this rigid life has made lots of things go wrong and one of the very important areas is marriage which gets affected due to our unhealthy, unsocial and sometimes senseless living style.

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