Sexuality is probably the most difficult area to analyze. Prior to World War II, men exercised considerable control over women's sexuality under a polygynous system.

However, that has gradually broken down, with young men and women having multiple sexual partners. Marriage eludes some women altogether. Many men contract a civil marriage but have one or more long-term girlfriends. Some women have children by a variety of men, thereby contributing to an increase in the number of female-headed households.

In my 1989 survey of Swaziland's textile and clothing workers, I found that 66% of my respondents were single, 20% were married, 5% were separated or divorced, and 2% were widowed (Harris, 1993, pp. 153-157). Eighty-two percent of respondents had children regardless of marital status. Sixty-eight percent of single women and all the married women in the textile and clothing industry had children. Fifty-three percent indicated that they wanted more children, while the same percentage indicated that they used some form of birth control (Harris, 1993, p. 157).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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