According to the Timpaus Banggai neither men nor women are closer to nature, or more distant from culture, than members of the other gender. Nature is everywhere. Although girls, especially pubescent ones, are more closely watched than their brothers, members of both genders are allegedly sexually active. Both women and men may apply love magic to attract the sexual attention of a desperately desired potential spouse.

From approximately the age of 11, girls discuss and speculate on the subject of sex and male-female relations among themselves (Broch, 2002). Among adult men and women, sex and sexuality are private concerns and are rarely talked about in public. Demonstration of sexual lust in public is regarded most offensive. An exception to this rule is the joget dance, where the male dance partner actively displays a virile performance in front of a shy woman. However, the two dancers should never touch. Joget is generally not for married people. Older Timpaus Banggai villagers make a point of stopping dance couples from disappearing into the darkness.

Ideally, premarital sex is not allowed for either men or women. However, it is generally believed that most young men try out sexual intercourse when they are away from the island.

Some myths, legends, and other narratives that are told on the island imply that sexual desire may be directed at tabooed relations. A common theme that emerges through analysis of some of the narratives is that young boys occasionally possess (unconscious) sexual desire for their mothers (Broch, 1996, 2002). Some narratives can also be interpreted as focusing on sexual lust between siblings (Broch, 2002), close friends (Broch, 1996), and strangers (Broch, 2002).

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