Sexuality among Uzbeks is not something to be flaunted. Society expects girls to remain virgins until marriage, and wives to remain faithful to their husbands. Society does not expect men to remain virgins until marriage, and does not demand that husbands remain faithful to their wives. Sexuality is seen as a powerful force, and early marriage is encouraged as a way to contain sexuality. Women usually marry between 17 and 21; a single 22-year-old girl may be seen as an "old maid." Men are usually between 19 and 25 when they marry.

In Uzbekistan, many communities encourage sexual modesty through appropriate dress for girls and women, who typically wear a loose long-sleeved dress, loose pants, and a scarf. More complete Islamic modest dress, with fuller head and face covering, is occasionally seen. In towns and cities, women often wear contemporary international fashion. Men usually wear contemporary international clothing, often with an Uzbek men's robe and cap; wearing shorts or an undershirt in public is discouraged.

Cross-dressing can be seen in humorous stage performance, but not in daily life. Male and female homosexuality is discouraged through social convention, but does not incur legal penalties in Uzbekistan.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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