Using the Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender

This reference work can be used by a variety of people for a variety of purposes. It can be used both to gain a broad understanding of the lives of males and females in different cultures or to find out about particular cultures and topics. A bibliography is provided at the end of each entry to facilitate further investigation.

Beyond serving as a basic reference resource, the Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender also serves readers with more focused needs. For researchers interested in comparing cultures, this work provides information that can guide the selection of particular cultures for further study. The "Cultural Overview" section provides a summary that enables users to compare cultures with different types of economies (e.g., foragers, pastoralists, horticulturalists or intensive agriculturalists), or with different degrees of social stratification (e.g, egalitarian versus class or caste systems), or with different levels of political hierarchies (e.g., independent communities to kingships). The section "Gender-Related Social Groups" allows the user to tell if the society is socially structured around males (patrilocal and/or patrilineal societies), females (matrilocal and/or matrilineal societies) or neither (e.g., bilateral or ambilineal societies). Educators and teachers might be interested in having students consider what it is like to grow up as a girl or a boy in different cultures. For students, from high school through graduate school, this encyclopedia provides background and bibliographic information for term papers and class projects. And for those just curious about how sex and gender issues differ from how they may appear in their own society, this encyclopedia provides an unparalleled look at worldwide variation.

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