Yemeni Town Women Anne Meneley

Among Zabidi women in Yemen, women's modesty practices are closely linked to their understandings of morality and appropriately pious behavior (Meneley, 1996). Based on her fieldwork (1989-1990), Meneley (1996, p. 81) argues that modesty is at the root of moral personhood and female gender identity. Istihya, translated broadly as modesty, captures a range of emotions, including piety, deference, and self-control (centrally including the denial of sexuality), and a number of practices, including gender segregation, female circumcision, veiling, and the control of one's physical appetites and self-expression. Rather than understanding modesty practices as simply in the interests of men's honor, women view them as in the best interests of their families, including themselves. They are an appropriate demonstration of propriety and piety, which are intimately related to women's behavior, that lend force to a family's claim to status in village life.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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