Figure 6 (see Plate 2) Identification of female Tg(GFPX)4Nagy/J preimplantation embryos. Hemizygous TgN(GFPX)4Nagy male mice were mated with C57BL/6 females, and preimplantation embryos were recovered at E2.5 and E3.5. With this cross only female embryos will inherit the X-linked GFP transgene from the male parent. (A) DIC image of a mixture of morulae and blastocysts. Several GFP-positive (XpGFPXm) female embryos are indicated by an arrow, while GFP-negative (XmY) embryos are denoted by an arrowhead. (B) Corresponding image of the same embryos examined using GFP-optics. (Scale bar = 100 mM).

chimeras were severely runted, and died during embryogenesis or as neonates (70). This necessitated development of a straightforward method to identify chimeras that was independent of coat colouration. We accomplish this by PCR assay for the D10Mit10 microsatellite marker that discriminates nDNA of strains C57BL/6 and 129 mice (Protocol 10).

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