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The end points The theories generated by the two approaches

While the notion of epistemic excellence might not have the common currency or the philosophical pedigree of notions like justification, rationality, or reason, it is a very useful concept to have at the center of one's epistemology. When a thoughtful person is faced with a reasoning problem, she will sometimes think about and try to figure out what is the best way to tackle this problem. We often have a sense (though perhaps sometimes

Thinking skills and critical thinking

We have collected nearly 40 definitions of critical thinking, a term which has wider currency in the USA than in the UK. The literature on critical thinking is extensive a search using this term on ERIC, a US-based electronic database, results in over 2000 references to articles alone. The term is used in different ways and has developed over time (see, for example, the review by Pithers and Soden, 2000). In the US 'critical thinking' is often considered to be synonymous with 'thinking

Courtship and Marriage

If no marriage is contracted in this formal way, many informal arrangements are possible. The young woman's parents may arrange a match for her and urge her to accept it. She may simply begin living with a man she likes and try to get her parents to accept it. A couple may elope. But regardless of how a couple comes together, when a child is born some sort of formal arrangements must be agreed upon with the woman's family in order to legitimize the child as a member of the man's kinship group. Abelam would call this brideprice, since they see it as formally recognizing the marriage, but it also acts as progeny price, legitimizing this and subsequent children. A typical brideprice might be six or seven shell rings (yewaa), a sort of general-purpose currency. Sister exchanges are also common. If no agreement about bride-price can be reached after the birth of a child, the trial marriage usually breaks up, the woman returns home, and the child becomes a member of the mother's kinship...

Optimal Foraging Theory

Classical optimal foraging models involve three kinds of assumptions (1) those regarding the foraging decision being analyzed, (2) those regarding the currency the forager is maximizing, and (3) those regarding the constraints operating on the system (Stephens and Krebs, 1986). In many classical optimal foraging models the currency that foraging animals are assumed to be maximizing is their long-term net rate of energy intake (Stephens and Krebs, 1986), where long-term rate is defined as the net energy intake divided by the total time spent acquiring this energy. Rate is a proximate currency that is assumed to relate closely to Darwinian fitness if it is maximized over the lifetime of the forager, because an animal that maximizes its rate of energy intake will achieve the greatest amount of energy for use in maintenance, growth, and reproduction in the least possible time, and time not spent foraging is time available for other fitness-promoting activities, such as looking out for...

Change in Attitudes Beliefs and Practices Regarding Gender

Europeans and their culture impinged upon the Cherokee in the 18 th century when traders came into Cherokee country and eventually established year-round trading posts. Also, the crown and colonial governments called upon the Cherokee to form political alliances that became military alliances. Soon, Cherokees found themselves embroiled in wars. These developments impacted gender roles of the Cherokee, with trade and war elevating men above women. As hunters, the men provided the deerskins that become the currency of 18th-century Indian trade, and as warriors, they made the war alliances with Europeans. In addition, Europeans had their own construction of gender, which Cherokee women did not fit. They came to conduct men's business and expected women to remain on the periphery. This relationship between Cherokee men and the Europeans threatened to undermine the status of Cherokee women. As a result, Cherokee men became more central to life and livelihood, and women became more...

Arithmetic Reasoning In Animals

The research described above addresses the ability of nonhuman animals to form numerical categories. As eloquently articulated by Gallistel and Gelman (2000), animals might be expected to reason arithmetically because this would aid the many calculations for which continuous and discrete variables need to be combined. For example, it could be useful to multiply item size by number when deciding between a patch of three large food items and six tiny food items. Similarly, when faced with a decision between two food patches, it would be profitable to calculate the rate of return as defined by the number of food items divided by some unit of time. These calculations are greatly facilitated if discrete quantities are represented in the same currency as continuous quantities such as time and surface area. Below we review the evidence that animals reason arithmetically.

Phosphoryl Group Transfers and ATP

Having developed some fundamental principles of energy changes in chemical systems, we can now examine the energy cycle in cells and the special role of ATP as the energy currency that links catabolism and an-abolism (see Fig. 1-28). Heterotrophic cells obtain free energy in a chemical form by the catabolism of nutrient molecules, and they use that energy to make ATP from ADP and Pj. ATP then donates some of its chemical energy to endergonic processes such as the synthesis of metabolic intermediates and macromolecules from smaller precursors, the transport of substances across membranes against concentration gradients, and mechanical motion. This donation of energy from ATP generally involves the covalent participation of ATP in the reaction that is to be driven, with the eventual result that ATP is converted to ADP and Pi or, in some reactions, to AMP and 2 Pi. We discuss here the chemical basis for the large free-energy changes that accompany hydrolysis of ATP and other high-energy...

Gender Roles in Economics

Women had a significant indirect role in ceremonies. Women produced fine mats, which were the currency of ceremonial exchange. Certain mats were linked to certain titles, so that it was possible to capture a mat and the title with it. Wealth in fine mats in the maternal line was a criterion used to select a person for a high title. Females forwarded family and village entitlements more directly through hypergamous begetting, which is explained below.

Resource Depletion Theory

RESOURCE DILEMMA MODEL PARADIGM. resource management dilemma resource conservation dilemma take-some game. This is a useful and practical model of familiar social dilemmas in which conservation of natural resources is a major goal. In general, social dilemma models involve interactive decisions in which personal interests are at odds with collective interests where the pursuit of individual self-interest by every decision-maker leaves everyone else concerned worse off than if each person had acted cooperatively. Social dilemma models are presented, usually, in one of three general forms (N-person prisoner's dilemmas, public goods dilemmas, and resource dilemmas), and have been used, in particular, to study problems such as inflation vis-a-vis voluntary wage restraint, conservation of scarce natural resources, environmental pollution, arms races multilateral disarmament, crowd behavior, and other social issues involving trust and cooperation. In the resource dilemma model paradigm,...

Gender over the Life Cycle

Girls and boys have gender-specific names (at least two different ones, representing the matriclan and the patriclan) and are socialized and expected to develop into normal women and men, that is, be able to fulfill the culturally prescribed roles. Small girls are given a genital cover (nowadays usually a little cotton skirt) much earlier than boys who are allowed to go naked for a number of years. Girls are told not to spread their legs in public and to adhere to other rules of decency. They also take part in typical female activities in the household and the garden somewhat earlier than boys, who have a longer period of work-free leisure. One of the first playful imitations of their mothers' activity can be seen when little girls try to scrape banana leaves, the first step to producing doba, the currency and pride of the women (see above). These gender-specific activities are encouraged by adults and seen as fitting and proper. In the case of the boys this refers, for instance, to...

Cultural Overview

The national currency is the hryvnia (UAH). In September 2002, the average monthly salary in Ukraine was between 400 and 600 UAH, or 75- 115 (Syrovatka, 2002). In the face of economic crisis, the pooling of resources among family members is an important survival strategy for many. Owing to a shortage of housing and lack of financial resources, Ukrainian households frequently include from two to four generations of kin. In many instances, each family member contributes his or her earnings or services to the family resource pool. Sixty-seven percent of the population lives in urban areas, and 33 in rural areas.

Health Benefit Units Well Years or Quality Adjusted Life Years QALYs

CEA, unlike CBA, does not venture answers to the question of how much money to spend for a given health benefit. It does, however, attempt ambitious as well as modest comparisons within healthcare. What it needs to be able to do this is a common unit of health benefit. In some contexts this will quite naturally be present suppose we are comparing the respective prolongations of life provided by bypass grafts and coronary medical management (drug therapy). The more difficult task for CEA comes in translating widely different health benefits into a common conceptual currency. The notion developed for this purpose goes by various labels a well-year, a quality-adjusted life year (QALY, pronounced to rhyme with holly), or health-state utility. The essential idea is a unit that combines mortality with quality of life consid-erations a year of healthy life, as one defender of QALYs puts it. We can then compare not only life-prolonging measures with each other but also measures that enhance...

Jurisprudence and Evolution

Since its first expression almost 150 years ago, Darwin's controversial thesis about biological development has been cannibalized or poached by most other disciplines. Law is no exception to this trend. Indeed, the evolutionary metaphor has always loomed over jurisprudential efforts to explicate the nature of the common law. At times, its invocation has been modest, oblique, and implicit at other times, its usage has been much more sweeping, bold, and explicit. The most potent use of the evolutionary narrative in law has been distinctly non-Darwinian (and, not infrequently, anti-Darwinian) in thrust and ambition. Evolution has most often been used as a catchall term for general development and change. Insofar as this usage is entirely casual, those jurists who talk about law evolving do not analogize or seek identification with evolutionary theory in any strictly Darwinian or scientific sense. Not averse to trading off the hard currency of scientific explanation, such theorists intend...

Mohair Production and Marketing

Personal pride in having the entire clip skirted and classed at the ranch prior to delivery for sale. Both South Africa and the United States have official guidelines 3-5 for classing and marketing mohair. At the warehouse, the different lines may be grab-and-core-sampled and the samples objectively tested for the main value-determining characteristics clean yield, vegetable matter content, average fiber diameter (and variability), degree of med-ullation, and possibly staple length and staple strength. This information may be made available to mohair buyers when they view representative opened bags or bales of mohair. Sales may be by private treaty, sealed bid, or open bid, the first method being quite common in the United States and open bid being more popular in South Africa. The buyer's representative then arranges for transportation to a scouring plant. Prices (converted to U.S. currency and weight units) paid for South African mohair in December 2003 are listed in Table 3. The...

Unbounded Rationality Versus The Bounded Reality Of Human Decision Making

Another key limitation of the human mind is that the pieces of information uncovered by the search process are not likely to be processed in an overly complex way. In contrast, most traditional models of inference, from linear multiple regression models to Bayesian models to neural networks, try to find some optimal integration of all information available Every bit ofinformation is taken into account, weighted, and combined in some more or less computationally expensive way. Models of bounded rationality instead rely on processing steps that are computationally bounded. For instance, a bounded decision or inference can be based on only one or a few pieces of information, whatever the total amount of information found during search. The simple decision rule used to process this limited knowledge need not weigh or combine pieces of information, thus eliminating the need to convert different types of information into a single common currency (e.g., utilities). Note that decision rules...

Pribrams Holographic Model

Out reference to location, so readily accomplished by the holographic process, eliminates the need for keeping track of where information is stored. Thus, Pribram's holographic model involves content-addressable holographic-like matching between current input and stored memory, where the model is based on evidence obtained with microelectrode recordings made within the brain's hippocam-pal system and within the somatosensory cortex of the parietal lobe. In effect, Pribram's model is a holographic process that is based on the distribution of, and enfolding of, information over and within an extent (i.e., a spatial and temporal envelope) that is structurally and functionally similar to the marketplace in economics. For example, an economic marketplace may be viewed as a holographic structure in which each transaction enfolds the values of the whole, which are distributed throughout the extent of the whole. Thus, when one spends a unit of currency, say a dollar, the current value of that...

What Exactly is Health

May be defined in opposition to disease, at least in more recent anthropological work (especially that which considers the concepts of embodiment or lived experience), this has generally not been the case illness is conceived as affecting the whole person, body included. The disease-illness distinction therefore retains contemporary currency, although the term sickness may be used when the distinction is not important (e.g., Young, 1982) or when larger social processes are being highlighted (e.g., Frankenberg & Leeson, 1976).

International perspectives

Different countries measure cost in their respective national currencies, so that readers in another country need to convert between units (for example, pounds sterling or euros to US dollars). These conversions can be done using currency exchange rates, or the closely related purchasing power parity factors. The differences between countries in units of measurement are important, but this issue is fairly simple to address.

Differentiating The Models

In summary, there is a great deal of evidence that shows that many animal species possess a mechanism for representing number that is more powerful than a subitizing process or the object-file model. A handful of studies also implicate analog magnitude representations of number in human infancy. In support of the mode-control and connectionist timing models, a large literature substantiates the idea that animals represent number and time with a single currency, but no data test this hypothesis for human infants. More research is needed to test predictions of these three hypotheses in both nonhuman animals and human infants and to investigate how any of these models might be implemented in the nervous system.

Cost effectiveness analysis

Medical costs may accrue over long periods of time, especially in preventive programs or the treatment of chronic disease. Time scales of more than a year or so bring up two related but distinct issues - inflation and discounting. The nominal value of any currency changes over time a dollar in 1977 had more purchasing power than a dollar in 1997. Studies conducted over long time periods will need to correct for the changing value of currencies, typically by application of the Consumer Price Index (or the GDP deflator). Application of the Consumer Price Index removes the effect of inflation, but does not address the separate issue of time preference for money. Even in a country free of inflation, citizens would prefer to receive 100 today than a promise they will be paid 100 in a year. One might have to promise to pay more money in a year, say 103, to compensate for the delay. The same is true in health programs we would prefer to be paid today instead of in the future, and we would...

Ecological Stoichiometry And Body Size

In addition to the within-web effects previously mentioned, large migratory species can supply important pulses of limiting nutrients to spatially-subsidised food webs, which might otherwise experience severe stoichiometric imbalances that can, potentially, extend beyond ecosystem boundaries (Ebise and Inoue, 1991 Justic et al., 1995 Humborg et al., 1997). For instance, Pacific salmon are among the largest members of many North American stream food webs and once they have died, after spawning, their carcasses represent a significant nutrient pool (Wipfli et al., 1999 Milner et al., 2000). Marine-derived N in their carcasses has been traced through the stream food web and out into the surrounding terrestrial vegetation (Hilderbrand et al., 1999). Because stoichiometric analysis integrates the community and ecosystem-based approaches to food webs, it provides a means with which to explore potential interrelations between body size, population dynamics, and nutrient cycling in apparently...

Globalization of the food supply and the influence of economic factors on the contamination of food with pathogens

Many of the economic factors affecting food safety risks are interrelated. The food system is a complex network of food production, consumption, and trade that is also heavily influenced by overarching factors such as countries' and multinational agencies' food regulation and oversight (e.g. regulatory standards, tariff and nontariff barriers to trade) as well as global macroeconomic conditions, such as relative economic growth rates and currency exchange rates. For example, the general income level of a country is a factor that can be viewed from different perspectives, such as which foods the average citizen can afford, which food safety technologies food companies can afford to implement, and to what extent governments are willing and able to pay for food safety regulation.

Rhetoric and the Holocaust

The use of holocaust in reference to the destruction of the European Jewish community at the hands of the Nazis gained currency by being the preferred English translation of the Hebrew word shoah. The 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence, for example, makes reference to the shoah, which is rendered as the Nazi holocaust in official English translations (Novick). However, in the decades after World War II the destruction of European Jewry was rarely part of American public discourse. It was only during the 1960s, particularly with the advent of the trial of the Nazi official Adolf Eichmann, that the term holocaust began to be used in common discourse to refer to World War II. At first the term often was used to refer to the death of all the millions of people who were killed by the Nazis. By the late 1960s, however, the Holocaust (capitalized and usually preceded with the word the) was defined in dictionaries as the genocidal killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis during World...

Nuclear Genes in Mitochondrial Function and Biogenesis

All life depends on ATP, the universal currency of biological energy. The chemical energy inherent in the structure of this molecule is used to support a large variety of phenomena including chemical, osmotic, electrical, and mechanical work. Most of the ATP in eukaryotic organisms is supplied by the mitochondrion, a complex cellular organelle composed of two membranes (outer and inner) and two soluble compartments (intermembrane space and matrix). Biogenesis of mitochondria occurs by replenishment and addition of newly synthesized proteins and phospholipids to the preexisting organelle. In dividing cells there is a net increase of mitochondrial mass, which is distributed among the progeny. This process is aided by the ability of mitochondria to undergo fusion and fission. Mitochondria, therefore, are not synthesized de novo but rather serve as a template for their own faithful replication. The genetic determinants of mitochondria are located in two physically separate compartments of...


Textbooks, however, are seldom explicit about the quality or currency of evidence used in recommendations for management. Also, there is often a passage of 3 or more years between updates of specialty textbooks, and new studies may have been published in the interval. Particularly for rapidly evolving aspects of management such as laboratory diagnosis and therapeutics, print textbooks simply cannot be trusted. Fortunately, we are now seeing the emergence of CD-ROM and Internet versions of textbooks with regular updates, such as UpToDate17 and Scientific American Medicine (SAM).18

Philip H Warren

Current interest in the role of body size in food webs is certainly not just an historical hangover. In fact the importance of size as an organizing factor in food webs lay largely unexplored for a long time after Elton's suggestions were made. Ideas about trophic organization soon began to embrace the concepts of energy flow and community stability. The former, developing out of the work of Lindeman (Lindeman, 1942), leading to an emphasis on describing food webs in terms of energy flow among functional groupings of organisms, or among trophic levels and laying the groundwork for the International Biological Program and a 'systems' approach to understanding communities (McIntosh, 1985). Elton, writing later (Elton and Miller, 1954, p. 464), accepted the role of energy as a fundamental ecological currency, linking the physiological and


If saffron was the most exclusive spice, pepper was the most common in medieval Europe. It was consumed by the rich and those of more modest means, albeit in smaller quantities. Indigenous to southern India, pepper is the unripe fruit of the pepper tree, a climber usually grown on other trees for support. Black pepper is the seed surrounded by the outer layer that turns black when dry. White pepper is the seed with the outer layer removed. Known to the Greeks since the fourth century b.c., pepper was in antiquity a commodity paid for in gold, and at times regarded as a currency in its own right. No fewer than three out of four recipes in the Roman cookbook of Apicius contain pepper. The pepper sauce piperatum is even named after the spice. In the Middle Ages pepper continued to be regarded as a prized possession, distributed, for instance, by the eighth-century English cleric Bede among his brethren when he was on his deathbed. The Guild of Pepperers is one of the oldest in the City...

Of Darwin and Dogs

Huxley was in the vanguard of a movement to put Darwin's ideas to normative effect in the maelstrom of Victorian politics. At first, Huxley toyed with idea of a kind of biocommunism as was fashionable in the Europe of the 1880s. He soon moved on to more disturbing extrapolations. He saw that the facts of historical process did not constitute validity for moral conduct. Maintaining that inevitable struggle undermined any possibility of socialist cooperation, Huxley contended that society grows as so-called antisocial animal instincts are curbed and advances through the selection of individuals who are ethically the best, rather than physically the fittest. He envisaged a definite evolutionary hierarchy with humans at its head and having the capacity, if not always the inclination, to rise above and judge all else. With more bitter bombast than astute analysis, Huxley overplayed his Darwinian hand and, in a classic move typical of almost all Social Darwinians, passed off personal...


Therefore, 840 to 1,050 production houses are needed to support one plant. Around 36 plants of this magnitude will be needed to process the 6.3 billion broilers slaughtered in the United States annually (1997), although today many processing plants are smaller. Countries with smaller production facilities incur inefficiencies in their production systems, which results in higher production costs and higher finished product prices. Low standard of living, low local currency exchange rate against U.S. money, and low feed cost can improve prices in these countries when converted to U.S. dollars for comparison. However, when calculated as percentage of income spent on food, these prices are enormously high. Only highly vertically integrated large companies can have megaplants because large capital investment is needed. Smaller companies that are partially integrated need to buy part of their services from independent hatcheries or feed mills, which makes their...

Duty of care

The unit of currency in clinical genetics is, typically, the family rather than the individual and in the vast majority of instances there is mutually beneficial collaboration between the family members and the clinicians involved in their care. However, in the course of verification of a family history, pedigrees may be constructed that include relatives not personally known to those attending the clinic. Questions then arise about the extent of the clinicians' responsibilities (Muller et al., 2000). An easy answer might be that clinicians have a duty of care only to those family members who have approached them for professional advice. This might reasonably be extended to other family members in direct contact with the original proband(s) but not to more distant relatives whose existence might be known but for whom further details, such as addresses, are not readily available. What, then, is the position of very close relatives whose whereabouts are known but who are estranged from...


The extraction of energy is a primary function of metabolism and provides the driving force that determines the direction taken by the different biochemical pathways. The universal energy currency used to move and supply energy to various pathways is a high-energy compound, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Figure MT.2 also shows how there are three levels of reactions involved in harvesting energy The majority of reactions and processes requiring chemical energy to drive them use it in the form of ATP. This compound is used in processes such as the myosin-actin interaction in muscle or the active transport of substances across cell membranes, and is sometimes referred to as the common energy currency of metabolism. ATP delivers its energy when it is hydrolysed to adenosine diphosphate (ADP), since its useable energy is carried in a high-energy phosphoryl bond (Figure MT.3). The ADP is 'recharged' by various reactions including the citric acid cycle, oxidative phosphorylation and...

Dyslexia Variants

The Critchleys refer to such cases as 'formes frustes' of dyslexia. According to the dictionary the word 'frustes' has sometimes been used of coins when they are debased in the sense of not being genuine currency. One could perhaps look on the dyslexia variants described in this chapter as 'debased' types of dyslexia - not the classic cases but with the signs present in a less severe form. That there are formes frustes of dyslexia presupposes, of course, that specific dyslexia is an identifiable syndrome if it were not, this chapter would make no sense.

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