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Grains day 8 REcipE

Grilled Ahi Tuna With Mango-Pineapple Chutney

Serves 4

4 tsp olive or vegetable oil 2 ounces fresh ginger, peeled, cored, and mashed 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and diced 1 red onion, finely chopped 1/4 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar 1 cup fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, and finely chopped

1 mango, peeled and chopped 1 small bunch fresh cilantro, washed and chopped 1/4 tsp salt (use sea salt for different flavor) 4 pieces ahi tuna fillets, about 4 ounces each, 1 1/2 inches thick Cracked pepper, to taste

Chutney: Measure and prepare all ingredients before assembly. In a large sauté pan, over medium heat add 2 tsp of the oil with ginger, jalapeno pepper, and onion. Cook until onions become transparent. Add brown sugar. When sugar is dissolved, add rice wine vinegar, pineapple, and mango. Simmer for about 5 minutes. Turn off heat. When mixture is cool, add the cilantro and season with salt. Cover and refrigerate until serving time.

Tuna: Brush tuna with 2 tsp oil and grill approximately 4 to 5 minutes on each side. Season with cracked pepper to taste.

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