One of the largest crustaceans, lobster has a jointed body and limbs covered with a hard shell. The coveted edible portion of the lobster is generally the sweet flesh inside its tail, and sometimes in its claws. Its liver (tomalley) and eggs (coral) also can be eaten. Lobsters are prized by diners for their firm flesh and flavorful, yet not overpowering, taste.

Lobsters can be divided into two groups: large, clawed (American) lobsters and spiny (rock) lobsters. American lobsters hail from around Maine, whereas rock lobsters can be caught in the waters off the southeastern United States and in the Pacific. American lobsters boast claws with yet more meat, but only the tails of spiny lobsters are eaten. These tails are often sold frozen throughout the United States. The meat is more dense and fibrous than that of the American lobster. It lacks some of that characteristic sweetness, but the tails are far more inexpensive than buying a whole American lobster.

Lobster is an excellent source of zinc.

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