Writing a book is never as easy as it seems when the commission is accepted. Time has this strange way of suddenly running out as stress levels escalate. To the people who have supported us and stoically put up with us while we completed this project, we give our grateful thanks and apologize again for the days when we were cross and tired. There is no particular reason for the order of thanks, but only as they came to mind: Sue Rigg, Colorectal Coordinator; Robin Kantor, Consultant Radiologist; Barbara Stuchfield, Clinical Nurse Specialist Stoma Care; Sonya Francis, secretary to Mr Mitchenere; Juliette Fulham, Colorectal Practice Development Nurse/Stoma Care Nurse; Peter Mitchenere, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Clinical Director; Geraldine Gaffney, Head Nurse of Surgery; Bob Nye, Nancy Jackson, Paul Newman at Dansac, and many other friends who always enquired how the book was going. We are also grateful to Dansac Ltd for their support and encouragement.

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