• social concerns

• patient satisfaction

• patient improvement

• patient experience

• self-efficacy

These headings then form a basis for drawing up a QoL questionnaire to help the healthcare professional in the care of the patient with a stoma. One score per domain is entered, enabling analysis to be performed easily. The scores are 0 for the worst and 100 for the best QoL. From the questions a global score or index can be generated that gives the best overall information about the patient's well-being.

Often, in these studies, the scores show improvement in the patient's QoL after hospital discharge, and then a trend for stability over a long period. Time is not the only predictive factor of QoL evolution after hospital discharge. A close link has also been noticed between hospital discharge and patients' feelings about satisfaction with medical care, confidence in appliance changing and relationships with the community nurse, either the stoma care nurse or the district nurse. The more satisfied patients are with their care and information received, the better the QoL evolution.

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