An Evolving Understanding of Dementia

Within three years of the publication of Dr. Alzheimer's first case, the term "Alzheimer's disease" was applied to patients who developed significant difficulty in memory and other areas of cognition at an age less than sixty-five years. Individuals who developed such symptoms later in life, generally after the age of sixty-five, were said to be suffering from senility, a process neurons brain cells cerebrovascular disease stroke, aneurysm, or other circulatory disorder affecting the brain

All About Alzheimers

All About Alzheimers

The comprehensive new ebook All About Alzheimers puts everything into perspective. Youll gain insight and awareness into the disease. Learn how to maintain the patients emotional health. Discover tactics you can use to deal with constant life changes. Find out how counselors can help, and when they should intervene. Learn safety precautions that can protect you, your family and your loved one. All About Alzheimers will truly empower you.

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