Contributors and Arrangement of the Material

The goal of each of the 253 entries in Genetics is to give the interested student access to a depth of discussion not easily available elsewhere. Entries have been written by professionals in the field of genetics, including experts whose work has helped define the current state of knowledge. All of the entries have been written with the needs of students in mind, and they all provide the background and context necessary to help students make connections with classroom lessons.

To aid understanding and increase interest, most entries are illustrated with clear diagrams and dramatic photographs. Each entry is followed by cross-references to related entries, and most have a list of suggested readings and/or Internet resources for further exploration or elaboration. Specialized or unfamiliar terms are defined in the margin and collected in a glossary at the end of each volume. Each volume also contains an index, and ooocx a cumulative index is found at the end of volume four. A topical index is also included, allowing students and teachers to see at a glance the range of entries available on a particular topic.

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