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Editor in Chief

Richard Robinson [email protected]

Tucson, Arizona

Associate Editors

Ralph R. Meyer, University Distinguished Teaching Professor and Professor of

Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati David A. Micklos, Executive Director, DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring

Harbor Laboratories Margaret A. Pericak-Vance, James B. Duke Professor of Medicine, Director, Center for Human Genetics, Duke University Medical Center

Students from the following school participated as consultants:

Medford Area Middle School, Medford, Wisconsin Jeanine Staab, Teacher


Linda Hubbard, Editorial Director Kate Millson, Editor

?Ray Abruzzi, Mark Mikula, Nicole Watkins, Contributing Editors Matthew Nowinski, Angela Pilchak, Editorial Interns Marc Borbély, Nancy E. Gratton, Copyeditors fMarc Borbély, Amy L. Unterburger, Proofreaders

Ellen Davenport, Indexer

Michelle DiMercurio, Senior Art Director

Rita Wimberley, Senior Buyer

Shalice Shah-Caldwell, Permissions Associate

Robyn V. Young, Project Manager, Imaging and Multimedia Content Lezlie Light, Coordinator, Imaging and Multimedia Content Robert Duncan, Senior Imaging Specialist, Imaging and Multimedia Content Deanna Raso, Photo Researcher

Macmillan Reference USA

Frank Menchaca, Vice President and Publisher Hélène G. Potter, Director, New Product Development




Richard Robinson

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Volume ISBN Numbers 0-02-865607-5 (Volume 1) 0-02-865608-3 (Volume 2) 0-02-865609-1 (Volume 3) 0-02-865610-5 (Volume 4)


Genetics / Richard Robinson, editor in chief. p. ; cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-02-865606-7 (set : hd.) 1. Genetics—Encyclopedias. [DNLM: 1. Genetics—Encyclopedias—English. 2. Genetic Diseases, Inborn—Encyclopedias—English. 3. Genetic Techniques—Encyclopedias—English. 4. Molecular Biology—Encyclopedias—English. QH 427 G328 2003] I. Robinson, Richard, 1956-

QH427 .G46 2003 576'.03—dc21


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