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Rob DeSalle

American Museum of Natural History

Conservation Geneticist Conservation Biology: Genetic Approaches Elizabeth A. De Stasio Lawerence University Cloning Organisms Danielle M. Dick Indiana University Behavior Michael Dietrich Dartmouth College Nature of the Gene, History Christine M. Disteche University of Washington X Chromosome Gregory Michael Dorr University of Alabama Eugenics Jennie Dusheck

Santa Cruz, California Population Genetics Susanne D. Dyby

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Center for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology Classical Hybrid Genetics Mendelian Genetics Pleiotropy Barbara Emberson Soots Folsom, California Agricultural Biotechnology Susan E. Estabrooks

Duke Center for Human Genetics Fertilization Genetic Counselor Genetic Testing Stephen V. Faraone

Harvard Medical School Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Gerald L. Feldman

Wayne State University Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics Down Syndrome Linnea Fletcher

Bio-Link South Central Regional Coordinator, Austin Community College Educator

Gel Electrophoresis Marker Systems Plasmid Michael Fossel

Executive Director, American Aging Association

Accelerated Aging: Progeria Carol L. Freund

National Institute of Health: Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center

Genetic Testing: Ethical Issues

Joseph G. Gall

Carnegie Institution Centromere Darrell R. Galloway

The Ohio State University DNA Vaccines Pierluigi Gambetti

Case Western Reserve University Prion Robert F. Garry

Tulane University School of




Perry Craig Gaskell, Jr.

Duke Center for Human Genetics Alzheimer's Disease Theresa Geiman

National Institute of Health: Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression Methylation Seth G. N. Grant

University of Edinburgh Embryonic Stem Cells Gene Targeting Rodent Models Roy A. Gravel

University of Calgary Tay-Sachs Disease Nancy S. Green March of Dimes Birth Defects Wayne W. Grody

UCLA School of Medicine Cystic Fibrosis Charles J. Grossman Xavier University Reproductive Technology Reproductive Technology: Ethical Issues Cynthia Guidi

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Chromosome, Eukaryotic Patrick G. Guilfoile

Bemidji State University DNA Footprinting Microbiologist Recombinant DNA Restriction Enzymes Richard Haas

University of California Medical Center

Mitochondrial Diseases William J. Hagan

College of St. Rose Evolution, Molecular Jonathan L. Haines

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Complex Traits

Human Disease Genes, Identification of

Mapping McKusick, Victor Michael A. Hauser

Duke Center for Human Genetics DNA Microarrays Gene Therapy Leonard Hayflick

University of California Telomere Shaun Heaphy

University of Leicester, U.K. Viroids and Virusoids John Heddle

York University Mutagenesis Mutation Mutation Rate William Horton

Shriners Hospital for Children Growth Disorders Brian Hoyle

Square Rainbow Limited Overlapping Genes Anthony N. Imbalzano

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Chromosome, Eukaryotic Nandita Jha

University of California, Los Angeles Triplet Repeat Disease John R. Jungck Beloit College Gene Families Richard Karp

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati Transplantation David H. Kass

Eastern Michigan University Pseudogenes

Transposable Genetic Elements Michael L. Kochman

University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center

Colon Cancer Bill Kraus

Duke University Medical Center Cardiovascular Disease Steven Krawiec Lehigh University Genome Mark A. Labow

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Genomics Genomics Industry Pharmaceutical Scientist Ricki Lewis

McGraw-Hill Higher Education; The Scientist Bioremediation Biotechnology: Ethical Issues Cloning: Ethical Issues

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