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wet lab laboratory devoted to experiments using solutions, cell cultures, and other "wet" substances graduate programs in computational biology and bioinformatics. Many more programs are in the planning stages. Thus, it will probably be desirable for future practitioners to take advantage of these specialized formal training initiatives if they wish to remain competitive.

Working environments can be fairly diverse, but be it in an office, a cubicle, a computer lab, or a corner in a wet lab, it invariably will consist of a desk and a secure networked UNIX workstation. Depending on the structure of the organization, one may work as part of a team or independently. It is common to have frequent contact with both biologists and programmers. The computational biologist often acts as a liaison between the two. Job opportunities range from entry level to team leader to project manager or principle investigator.

Helping biologists extract meaning from their findings is extremely rewarding. Interesting findings should be published to help research move forward. As with most scientific fields, a computational biologist enjoys the opportunity to travel to international meetings. The salary ranges from approximately $45,000 to approximately $150,000, depending on experience and educational attainment, and on whether one chooses to work in the public or private sector. see also Bioinformatics; Information Systems Manager; Internet; Statistical Geneticist.

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Conjugation conjugation a type of DNA exchange between bacteria

Conjugation is one of several mechanisms that bacteria use to transfer DNA, and hence new genetic information, between two cells. The other primary mechanisms are transformation, in which free DNA is transported across the cell membrane, and transduction, in which DNA is carried into the recipient cell by a bacterial virus.

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