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^Explore further in Alzheimer Disease, Genetic Testing, and Gene Therapy

^Explore further in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Cloning Organisms, and Cloning: Ethical Issues their causes, diagnoses, and treatments. Many more entries illustrate basic genetic processes with discussion of the diseases in which these processes go wrong. In addition, students will find in-depth explanations of how genetic diseases arise, how disease genes are discovered, and how gene therapy hopes to treat them.

Advances in our understanding of genetics and improvements in techniques of genetic manipulation have brought great benefits, but have also raised troubling ethical and legal issues, most prominently in the areas of reproductive technology, cloning, and biotechnology. In Genetics, students will find discussions of both the science behind these advances and the ethical issues each has engendered. As with nearly every entry in Genetics, these articles are accompanied by suggestions for further reading to allow the student to seek more depth and pursue other points of view.

^Explore further in Sequencing DNA, DNA Microarrays, and Internet

^Explore further in Morgan, Thomas Hunt, and Computational Biologist

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