procarcinogens substances that can be converted into carcinogens, or cancer-causing substances enzymes proteins that control a reaction in a cell radiation high energy particles or waves capable of damaging DNA, including X rays and gamma rays oncogenes genes that cause cancer mutations changes in DNA sequences oooc ,oc carcinogenic virus that now bears his name, the Rous sarcoma virus. This virus harbors a gene called v-src (viral-sarcoma) that is a mutant form of a normal cellular proto-oncogene called c-src (cell-sarcoma). Like Ras protein, c-Src protein helps to regulate cell growth. When cells are infected by Rous sarcoma virus, the v-src gene, which is classified as an oncogene, is expressed in those cells. High amounts of mutant v-Src protein encoded by the v-src oncogene are made in the cell, and they dominate the normal cellular c-Src protein, an event that contributes to abnormal cell growth and proliferation, eventually leading to cancer.

Tumor suppressor genes encode proteins that tend to repress cancer formation. When tumor suppressor genes are mutated by carcinogens, they often lose their ability to stem tumor formation, resulting in cancer. Some hereditary forms of breast cancer are linked to mutations in a tumor suppressor gene called BRCA-1. BRCA is derived from BReast CAncer. The BRCA-1 gene encodes BRCA-1 protein, which participates in controlling cell division, preventing cells from growing out of control, thus contributing to the suppression of tumor formation. Mutations in the BRCA-1 gene result in altered BRCA-1 protein that no longer functions correctly in cell-growth regulation, contributing to the formation of tumors, particularly in breast tissue.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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