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The Opportunity of Physical Therapy

If physical therapy has achieved the goal of minimizing the development of abnormal movement patterns, it will have influenced the health of the child with Down syndrome throughout the course of his or her life. But there is actually an opportunity beyond the development of motor skills of which parents may wish to take advantage while their child is receiving physical therapy.

There is mounting evidence that children with Down syndrome do not learn in the same manner that typical children do. They have a different style of assimilating information, and, therefore, the usual methods of instruction are less effective. The development of gross motor skills is the first learning task that the child with Down syndrome and his parents will face together. There are many other challenges to come including language, education, and the development of social skills, but learning gross motor skills is the first

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

When parents help their children learn to read, they help open the door to a new world. As a parent, you can begin an endless learning chain: You read to your children, they develop a love of stories and poems, they want to read on their own, they practice reading, and finally they read for their own information or pleasure. They become readers, and their world is forever expanded and enriched.

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