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The Driving Fear Program is a comprehensive set of highly specialized resource developed to help you with conquering anxiety, fear, or panic attacks while driving. Its an affordable step-by-step system you can use conveniently and privately in your own home that shows you how to respond differently to situations that may currently be making you anxious such as driving far from home or outside your comfort zone, on the highway, over bridges, in traffic, and much more. The program was developed by combining the research and advice of professionals with the real world experiences of people just like you who successfully overcame their fear of driving. It includes contributions from Doctors of Clinical Psychology, award-wining authors, licensed therapists, and others who can show you how you can learn to drive Anywhere with far more freedom, confidence, and security by overcoming the anxiety that may be needlessly holding you back. Read more...

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Theoretical Bases A Two Factor Theory

Thus, fear would gradually decline if the rodent phobic had repeated harmless encounters with rats. Given a sufficient number of trials of CS without UCS, the CS eventually ceases to elicit the CR. When this occurs the CR is said to be extinguished. Extinction does not occur if the UCS is occasionally encountered. Driving phobia would be unlikely to extinguish if a person occasionally experiences near misses while driving. For many people with phobias, the process of extinction is blocked from occurring because the person learns that fear can be minimized (at least in the short term) by avoiding or escaping from the CS. In other words, avoidance or escape (operant behaviors) prevent classically conditioned fears from being unlearned.

Classical Conditioning

The treatment of fears is not a trivial undertaking. Severe phobias can produce extreme distress and can severely impair a person's functioning. Driving phobia, arising after a motor vehicle accident, for example, may prevent the person from earning a living and may lead to social isolation if the person lives in a remote area. Even common phobias such as spider phobias can be debilitating. One patient reported being too afraid to enter rooms of her house in which she had seen spiders, and experienced intense panic attacks whenever she unexpectedly came across a spider. She lived in an area in which spiders were commonly encountered, and therefore was chronically hypervigilant for spiders, and worried about encountering them. This was associated with persistent tension and irritability. Her fear, avoidance, and preoccupation significantly interfered with her marital relationship. Fortunately, even severe phobias such as this one can readily be treated by exposure therapies.

Katie M Castille and Maurice F Prout

While panic attacks are most often thought of in regard to panic disorder, with and without agoraphobia, panic attacks can also be experienced in specific phobia and social phobia. One study examining specific phobias found that 47 of individuals with a phobia of heights, 20 of individuals with an animal phobia, 50 of individuals with a blood injection phobia, and 36 of individuals with a driving phobia experienced a panic attack when encountering the phobic situation or object (Antony, Brown, & Barlow, 1997). Thus, the panic attacks or panic-like symptoms can exist among all of the phobias and may play an important role in the maintenance of the phobia. Zitrin, Klein, Woerner, and Ross (1983) found in their study that while individuals received treatment for agoraphobia and specific phobia, the occurrence of panic attacks would decrease, but avoidance behavior continued because anticipatory anxiety remained high. After continued treatment, in the absence of the panic attacks, the...

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