BrdU Feeding

1. 5-Bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BrdU; Sigma-Aldrich, B-5002) solution. Make a 20-mg/mL stock solution in 40% ethanol. This may take a while to dissolve and may need to be warmed to 37°C. Stock solution is good for at least 1 mo and is stored at -20°C. This stock solution is then diluted to the desired con-

centration in water and used to rehydrate the food as described in step 2 (see Note 1).

2. BrdU feeding dish: Crush blue Carolina food into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. Measure 0.3 g of crushed food into a 35-mm Petri dish and add 1.6 mL of BrdU solution.

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