Eminent & Evolving Enterprise by Employees who Excel & Enjoy

Fig. 2.4. The "E"ssentials of "E"xcellent Leadership new ideas and approaches that fosters creativity and innovation), and finally "enjoy" (having fun in the workplace with our respective job; a happier workforce is a more productive workforce in general). The ultimate corporate goal in leadership, as stated succinctly in the diagram, again is six elements; an enterprise that becomes eminent yet continues to evolve through employees (and executives) who excel and enjoy what they do. This leadership concept ("Essentials of Excellent Leadership: 6 + 6 = 6") is based on [personal] observations of leaders [and leadership experiences] over 30 years at five pharmaceutical companies, Bristol-Myers, Marion, Marion-Merrell-Dow, Aventis, and Amgen, and five leading universities (Buffalo, New York; Memphis, Tennessee; Lexington, Kentucky; Kansas City, Missouri; and Gainesville, Florida); leadership training [experiences] programs (e.g., Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, Linkage Leadership Conferences); [exposure to] seminars from leadership experts (e.g., Warren Bennis, John Kotter, Madeleine Albright, and Jack Welch); boards of directors of five professional societies; and the extensive published literature in books by thought leaders on leadership [24-38].

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