Source: R&D Conference, Med Ad News, Feb 2004

Genentech. They particularly suggested the success factors for research at their company individually and for the industry as a whole as well. The common factors from more than six of these expert presentations are combined, realigned, and summarized in the next two figures in Figures 1.39 and 1.40. The realignment of the 30 factors categorizes them into the 6 organizational and operational parameters of the R&D paradigm, "P to the eighth power" (People, Process, Pipeline, Profits, Principles of the Pharmaceutical organization, and Performance) for 2 outcomes, a successful product and portfolio. Finally, one of the most important tools is communication; that is, communicate, communicate more, and communicate some more. Effective communication is vital to a successful development program across and up and down any company, especially as they grow r 5 - Pharma Co. Organization:

o Recognize R & D Excellence o R & D, True Integration c Common Objectives X Organ o Freedom to Operate (patents) o Reward Speed AND Quality o Create Research Alliances r 6 - Performance:

O Maintain Accountability c Perform Consistent Decision Making (Standards - Process-Players)

c Use Efficient Data Capture &

Analysis & Reporting c Use Innovative Technology e Have Internal Champions

R & D 6 "Pillars" ■=> 7th - Portfolio & 8th - Products

Source: R&D Conference, Med Ad News, Feb 2004

in size. Communication is a two-way process that requires sending and receiving information. Characteristics include open, honest, clear, concise, constructive, timely, and targeted [59].

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