r Product inquiries

Fig. 3.21. Educational Materials

r General - Core Operations: c Global Partners in Marketing & Research c Clinical Research Organizations r General - R&D Research centers: r General - Merger (Products, R&D, Manufacturing): r Specific Products: c Leptin & Lab output (D/C later) c Keritinocyte Growth Factor c Calcimimetics multiproduct (Cinacalcet) o Abarelix (D/C later) o Neuroimmunophilin products (D/C later) o Fibrolase o Interferon alfacon-1 (Out-license) o Epratuzumab (D/C later) r Specific Technologies:

o Manufacturing & Inflammation products c Small molecules o Mab technology & Panitumumab e Signaling drug discovery

Company/Institution: Roche and J & J Quintiles/Radiant Toronto Research Immunex

Rockefeller University

National Institutes of Health

NPS Pharmaceuticals




Yamanouchi Immunomedics

Synergen (Acquired) Kinetix (Acquired) Abgenix (Acquired) Tularik (Acquired)

Fig. 3.22. Alliances & Collaborations by a Company* *Amgen, 2002; Public Information guides but also potential benefits and risks. Before product approval, questions will be received about the new product from providers, patients, and the press, which need to be anticipated, and responses to product inquiries prepared [32].

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