Better governance starts with better leadership in any organization. Leadership is a tone and set of behaviors and skills necessary for any person in the head role of a group or organization to work with, assist, and stimulate success of the people in that organization. The senior management of a company is a group of leaders who need to make the best possible product development decisions and then lead their departments to achieve product success. Leadership is a core requirement for success in all company operations including R&D, and its importance necessitates more full elaboration.

A leadership model is offered here in abbreviated form, the 6 + 6 = 6 "Essentials of Leadership Excellence" (Fig. 2.4). The leadership essentials involve two distinct but complementary domains composed of six skills each that can result in six end points. The two domains are group effects, leading by "e"nabling others to succeed, and individual effects, leading by setting an "e"xample for the group. Another way these two domains are expressed is leading from within the group and leading from the front, respectively, and we suggest that both are optimally needed for ideal leadership and corporate success. The six "enabling" effects to support the group's staff to succeed are "employ" (hire the best, often called the A players), "envision" (set a forward-thinking vision and the goals that support and stimulate a group into a better future), "excite" (motivate, foster being the best, and expect to beat the competition), "equip" (train and educate to sustain cutting edge abilities and efficient operations, plus give them the tangible tools in technology to succeed), "environment" (create an organized, challenging, stimulating, and friendly workplace, where staff experience support from management and desire to perform at their best), and "encourage" the staff members (set high goals, give positive reinforcement of best practices, critique with feedback, and as needed push to sustain the cutting competitive edge).

The second indispensable half of leadership is the individual set of six leadership principles for setting an "e"xample, that is, "ethics" (personal ethical practices of leaders that stimulate a staff person to follow a leader), "edge" (a personal demonstration of competitive zeal, creative thinking out of the box, and commitment of time, energy, and smarts above the norm), "engage" (personal involvement in the planning or decision-making or feedback processes demonstrating commitment to the organization), "execute" (personal follow-through on the goals and responsibilities established by the leader in the organization, demonstrating accountability and operational excellence), "experiment" (a willingness to try

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