PPM Process Components

The process components for PPM in supporting product development are discussed in this next section. The 10 constructs, plans, and processes to be discussed demonstrate PPM's potential breadth of support for R&D. They also show some of the details of PPM in its activities, planning, and decision making: global product plans (presented above), budgets, product profiles, project plans, enabling technologies, decision points, decision criteria, pharmacogenomics, drug delivery/ formulations, and product life cycle management.

In the global product development plan, each pathway involves a budget to be planned, especially for the clinical plan, market development plan, and manufacturing plan, wherein most of the dollars are spent (Fig. 2.18). The responsibility for budgeting in R&D is usually shared between department heads and their superiors, the finance division's accountants, and PPM. This slide presents the budget by its organization on the left side (categories and cost centers) and the processes on the right. Each company will vary all the headings or various categorizations of a budget, but the slide gives us a representative example. Four budget categories are outlined in the slide. Other budget categories may be used (e.g., buildings, overhead). In the five cost centers, human resources (HR) department includes salary for all staff, bonus

Fig. 2.17. What are Characteristics of PPM Metrics

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