R Track Record

$ - Product approvals $ - Product failures $ - Product portfolio $ - Research milestones achieved r Data & Information:

$ - Presentations at society meetings $ - Investment community meetings People & Processes: $ - Hiring - technical & leadership expertise $ - Alliances with companies, universities, gov't $ - Reputation & history r Growing & Leading

Fig. 3.5. Stock Price every year as products move along their timelines with good and bad results. A robust pipeline must be sustained to keep the stock price up. Even interim steps (milestones) in the product timelines are being watched closely for success of R&D, such as IND filings and phase 3 completions. The investment community seeks data and information on pipeline status, which emanates from R&D on a regular basis through a variety of avenues, such as presentations at medical society meetings, press releases from a company, and the quarterly investor meetings. People issues in R&D influence stock price as well, including hiring and retention of quality scientists and staff (their expertise and track record in science and industry experience). The research collaborations or alliances with external entities suggest the desirability of a company as a partner in research and their product development success. Sustaining your reputation and a positive history (growing and leading) will contribute to the idea of successful operations and indirectly lessening the volatility of the stock price as good and bad R&D news occurs.

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