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M. W. Ah-See • R. C. Brasch • D. L. Buckley • F. Calamante • J. L. Evelhoch • L. S. Fournier I. S. Gribbestad • K. I. Gjesdal • M. H. B. Hjelstuen • A. Jackson • G. C. Jayson M. W. Knopp • M. O. Leach • K. L. Li • S. Lundgreen • N. A. Mayr • D. S. McMeekin J. F. Montebello • C. T. W. Moonen • D. A. Nicholson • G. Nilsen • M. D. Noseworthy A. R. Padhani • G. J. M. Parker • M. Pedersen • W. E. Reddick • T. P. L. Roberts J. S. Taylor • P. van Gelderen • J. C. Waterton • D. H. Wu • W. T. C. Yuh • X. P. Zhu

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With 110 Figures in 295 Separate Illustrations, 85 in Color and 20 Tables

Alan Jackson, MBChB (Hons), PhD, FRCP FRCR

Professor, Imaging Science and

Biomedical Engineering

The Medical School

University of Manchester

Stopford Building

Oxford Road

Manchester M13 9PT

Geoffrey J. M. Parker, PhD

Research Fellow in Imaging Science

Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering

University of Manchester

Stopford Building

Oxford Road

Manchester M13 9PT

David L. Buckley, PhD

Lecturer in Image Science

Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering

University of Manchester

Stopford Building

Oxford Road

Manchester M13 9PT

Medical Radiology ■ Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology Series Editors: A. L. Baert ■ L. W. Brady ■ H.-P. Heilmann ■ M. Molls ■ K. Sartor

Continuation of Handbuch der medizinischen Radiologie Encyclopedia of Medical Radiology

ISBN 3-540-42322-2 Springer Berlin Heidelberg New York

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in oncology / A. Jackson, D. Buckley, G.J.M. Parker, eds. ; with contributions by R.C. Brasch ... [et al.] ; foreword by A. L. Baert.

p. ; cm. -- (Medical radiology) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 3-540-42322-2 (hard: alk. paper)

1. Cancer--Magnetic resonance imaging. I. Jackson, Alan, Ph.D. II. Buckley, D. (David), 1969- III. Parker, G. J. M. (Geoffrey J. M.) 1971- IV. Series. [DNLM: 1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging--methods. 2. Neoplasms--diagnosis. 3. Contrast Media. QZ 241 D997 2003] RC270.3.M33D96 2003

616.99'407548--dc22 2003067408

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