Abscess Localization in Postoperative Neocompartments

Postoperative changes of normal anatomic barriers may cause subsequent development of abscesses in unusual or unexpected locations (Fig. 3-105).27,58 Surgery with transection of peritoneal ligaments and mesenteries resulted in formation of new and "atypical" abdominal compartments that were the site of 39% ofpostoperative abscesses in one large series reported by Kumpan.27 Communication of the lesser sac with the left sub-phrenic space, infra/paracolic spaces, or gastrohepatic recess was most frequently involved, followed by the fused right subphrenic and subhepatic space, when the coronary ligament was disconnected operatively (Figs. 3-106 through 3-114). This understanding is essential for correct CT localization and CT-guided drainage.27

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