Anterior Superior Bubble

This sign refers to a small isolated aggregation of gas situated anterior to the upper hepatic surface. It is the most frequent, therefore the most important, among the various right upper quadrant gas signs.5,6,15,17 The anterior superior bubble may be single or multiple, with the gas describing an oval or circular shadow, ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter

There is diffuse lucency over the liver with a straight lateral border (arrowheads) from a large pneumoperitoneum.

Mild Atelectatic Streaking Lung

(Figs. 7-25, 7-28, 7-29, 7-33 through 7-35). It often appears in the medial half of the right upper quadrant, but small deposits of free air may be positioned more laterally. Its location varies depending on the shape and size of the liver in relation to the contour of the anterior abdominal wall. Occasionally, an abscess in and near the liver, bowel gas, and an atelectatic streak of lung projecting under the dome of the diaphragm can closely simulate the anterior superior bubble.

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