Right Medial Paracolic Gutter

Fig. 4-149. Extension of seeded deposits from primary carcinoma in the pelvis to Morison's pouch and the right subphrenic space. Calcifications in the primary ovarian serous cystadenocarci-nonia and seeded implants following chemotherapy facilitate the documentation of the avenue of spread.

(a) The calcified primary ovarian mass (arrows), deep to opacified small bowel loops, is identified.

(b) Following cephalad passage up the right paracolic gutter, deposits are lodged in Morison's pouch (arrow).

(c) Responding to the subat-mospheric pressure below the diaphragms, spread occurs in the perihepatic right subphrenic space (arrows). Note that the medial extent of these lesions typically ends at the level of the falciform ligament.

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