Fig. 4—162. Metastatic seeding on the falciform ligament in the interhepatic fissure, in three different examples of ovarian carcinoma. CT demonstrates (a) a track of multiple nodular masses, and (b) calcified implants that also extend into the fissure for the ligamentum venosum. (Courtesy of Michiel Feldberg, M.D., Ph.D., University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.)

(c) MR, T2-weighted image, shows plaquelike implants in the interhepatic fissure (asterisk) and on the diaphragm (arrows). (Reproduced from Forstner et al.132)






Fig. 4—163. Enhancement of peritoneum thickened by seeded metastases.

(a) There is striking contrast enhancement of the perihepatic thickened parietal peritoneum (arrows).

(b) In addition to changes in the parietal peritoneum lateral to the liver, enhancement is also seen in the thickened parietal peritoneum on the left side, overlying the right kidney, and constituting the falciform ligament (arrows). Metastatic caking of the greater omentum, ascites, and retroperitoneal adenopathy are also present. The primary carcinoma is an anaplastic lesion, site unknown.

(Courtesy of Emil Balthazar, M.D., Bellevue Hospital—New York University School of Medicine, New York.)

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