Bronchogenic Carcinoma

Metastatic involvement of the large intestine by bron-

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chogenic carcinoma is rare. Luomanen and Watson report that of 676 patients who died of lung cancer, only 2.2% revealed metastases to the colon at autopsy. These were often small, serosal deposits. Metastases may infrequently be seen as focal stenosis, mural rigidity, or annular narrowing260 (Figs. 4-228 through 4-230). Occasionally, they result in large mesenteric masses with infiltration of the bowel wall and fixation and angulation of the bowel and its mucosal folds (Fig. 4-231). In such cases, the findings are indistinguishable from those in widespread intraabdominal metastases from other sources. Rarely, central ulceration may be seen in the submucosal deposits (Fig. 4-232), which may lead to perforation.236,258

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