Continuity with the Female Organs

The subperitoneal connective tissue enveloped within the peritoneal layers of the broad ligament provides the pathway for the uterine vessels branching from the internal iliac arteries as well as their accompanying lymphatics and nerves. The distal ureters course through the base of the broad ligament along with vessels and nerves. Its lower portion is called the cardinal ligament or the transverse cervical ligament of Mackenrodt. The cardinal ligament provides the main support of the cervix and upper vagina. The subperitoneal space within the cardinal ligaments blends laterally beneath the parietal peritoneum overlying the pelvic muscles and continues to follow the course of the major pelvic vessels anteri orly. The round ligaments proceed to enter the inguinal rings, and posteriorly the uterosacral ligaments extend to and surround the rectum to insert onto the distal sacrum. All are part of the subperitoneal space. As in the male, the peritoneum also reflects over the urinary bladder and rectum.

The broad ligament encloses the subperitoneal space that surrounds the suspended female pelvic organs and interconnects them with the lateral pelvic walls. In do ing so, it forms a continuum between the female pelvis and the abdomen.14

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