Extensions of Fluid Collections Originating in the Pancreaticoduodenal Compartment

Fluid originating from the body and tail of the pancreas in the pancreaticoduodenal compartment is generally not limited to this area but may transgress into the left retroperitoneal colonic compartment or dissect into the left retromesenteric colonic plane (Figs. 8-110 through 8-112). From there onward it may communicate with the retrorenal space (Fig. 8-112) at the level of the pan-creaticoduodenal compartment or more cranially surround the superior part of the perirenal space (Fig. 8-

113), and it may sometimes communicate with the lateroconal interfascial space posterior to the ascending and descending colon. It may also spread into the root of the transverse mesocolon (Figs. 8-110 and 8-112) and continue along the splenorenal and phrenicocolic ligaments. Fluid originating from the head of the pancreas may spread via the transverse mesocolon into the right colonic compartment at the hepatic flexure and inferiorly (Fig. 8-112). Also, it can dissect into the right retromesenteric colonic plane (Figs. 8-110, 8-112, 8114, 8-115). Finally, fluid can dissect into the retropan-creaticoduodenal plane posterior to the pancreatic head and duodenum (Figs. 8-112 and 8-114) and along mes-enteric vessels into the small bowel mesentery.

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