Foreword to First Edition

Dr. Morton A. Meyers indeed has developed a dynamic text relating to radiologic aspects of abdominal disease. But this statement, with its emphasis on radiology, is misleading. This book is an important reading source for surgeons. Dr. Meyers' observations have not been confined to those arising from a purely radiologic study of the abdomen. The inclusion of observations based on injection studies both in the cadaver and in vivo has given this work a noteworthy comprehensiveness.

The insights provided by both the atlas of full-page color anatomic cross sections of the abdomen and pelvis and the excellent anatomic-radiologic correlations found in the text make the book indispensable. The atlas establishes the basis for intimate anatomic relationships which are then applied to the practical areas of clinical diagnosis and treatment of intraabdominal pathology.

Presentations of these diagnostic and therapeutic considerations are enhanced by illustrated discussions relative to the new techniques of ultrasonography and computed tomography.

Dr. Meyers' presentation of this timely information is valuable, but what makes this book invaluable is the vast personal experience he is able to bring to it. This is not "just another" book purporting to give us something new in this important field. I believe the special approach given to this subject by Dr. Meyers is truly innovative. The radiologist and surgeon looking for the latest techniques in angiography for the diagnosis and treatment of massive bleeding form the gastrointestinal tract will not find it here. What they will find is major help in the understanding of, and indeed, therapeutic approach to a number of common intraabdominal problems, including infection and malignancy.

1976 Lloyd M. Nyhus, M.D., F.A.C.S Warren H. Cole Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery The Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine University of Illinois at the Medical Center Chicago, Illinois

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