Hepatic Flexure

With spread of liberated enzymes from the head of the pancreas into the right anterior pararenal space across the beginning of the transverse mesocolon, the hepatic flexure may show localized or diffuse inflammatory changes (Fig. 11-6). Occasionally, the "cut-off" process of a stricture resulting from pericolic fat necrosis may closely simulate an annular carcinoma2,10 (Fig. 11-7).

In 1956, Price11 coined the term "colon cut-off" sign in acute pancreatitis for isolated gaseous distention of the ascending colon and hepatic flexure with sharp delimitation of the gas shadowjust to the left of the flexure. In two patients, he noted a similar cellulitis-like process spreading from the edematous head of the pancreas between the two layers of the transverse mesocolon to the mesocolic border of the colon just to the left of the hepatic flexure.

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