Mimicry of Carcinomatosis

Many of the imaging findings of peritoneal carcinomatosis may be closely mimicked by tuberculosis peritonitis145-147 and the rare conditions of peritoneal mesothelioma,150 (Fig. 4-192) peritoneal lymphomatosis196 (Fig. 4-193) leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminata,197-199 peritoneal leiomyosarcomatosis,200,201 sclerosing mesenteritis,201a and peritoneal serous papillary car-

Fig. 4-184. Omental caking from seeded pancreatic carcinoma.

CT in this patient following a Whipple operation demonstrates confluent soft tissue masses (arrows) separating the transverse colon from the anterior abdominal wall.

of ovarian follicular rupture and perigonadal fat milky spots.195 In a study of Krukenberg tumors by MRI, most showed a characteristic finding of varied hypointense solid components from a dense desmoplastic reaction.194

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