Normal Imaging Features

On cross-sectional imaging, the right and inferior extensions of the pancreaticoduodenal compartment are demarcated by the duodenal loop surrounding the pancreatic head (Figs. 8-108 and 8-109). Its left and mid-portion are demarcated by the pancreatic body and tail. The retroperitoneal colonic compartments are recognizable by the presence of the ascending and descending colon with mesenteric vessels: on the left side the left colic vessels and the inferior mesenteric vein and side branches, and on the right side the right colic and il-eocolic vessels (Figs. 8-108 and 8-109). The continuity of the right, middle, and left colic vessels, indicating the transition between the right colonic compartment, transverse mesocolon, and left colonic compartment, can be appreciated on most CT scans156,157 (Fig. 8-109). The lower edge of the right colonic compartment is indicated by the ileocolic vessels and cecum; on the left it is indicated by the junction of the fused descending colon and its mesentery to the intrapelvic sigmoid colon and its unfused mesentery. The inferior mesenteric vessels can be followed down into the mesocolon of the sigmoid, its side branches anastomosing with the left colic vessels along the medial border of the descending colon. Cranially, the junction of the left colonic compartment to the transverse mesocolon can be appreciated as the thin sheet of colonic fat widens medial to the splenic flexure, anterior to the pancreatic tail and body, at the level of the left angle of the transverse mesocolon (Figs. 8-108 and 8-109). Medially, the left colonic compartment is indicated by the inferior mesenteric vein, as it ascends, posterior to the duodenojejunal angle and left paraduodenal fossa, before it drains into the splenic or superior mesenteric vein (Figs. 8-108 through 8-110).

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